All About Kyle

Where nature comes natural

Kyle's History
Mike Guillotte, owner of Mike's Mount Taxidermy, had mounted a full body coyote laying down for an Illinois customer. The coyote laid on the luggage in the bed of the truck while we traveled to Illinois. We got several looks, comments and laughs. This inspired me to come up with a new idea. He had been in the Taxidermy business for quite awhile, and the idea began to flow – thus to hang the coyote from my truck's tailgate. Now sparks the famous coyote on the back of the truck.

Wiley, was the first coyote to hang on my truck tailgate. He had a long and prosperous life. He even made Car and Driver Magazine, "Hitchhiker caught" by Jim Sikora in December 2003. After lots of wear and tear, Wiley was laid to rest. The next coyote to be formed, and hung on my truck was Kyle. He hangs today – since 2008

Where is Kyle?
Today, Kyle is still with us and rides all over town doing what he does best – making people laugh and hopefully, making their day. He loves attention and is very friendly so if you see him, feel free to take pictures and drop him an email.

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