Our Customers Say...

See what our customers have to say about the quality of our work:

"In the 8 years I  have know Mike he has mounted 27 mounts from Buffalo and Bear to Squirrels, and Duck. His "can do" attitude is parralled by his exquisite work he prodecess." – Steve & Tanner

"I have been using Mike for several years now for all my taxidermy needs. He has always provided excellent mounts on whatever game animal I have brought him and I have been especially impressed with his waterfowl mounts.  I have always felt his prices were very fair, especially for the quality mount recieved in the end. It is rare that I am satisfied with a product or service to the level I feel confident in referring others, but with Mike I have no problem doing such." – Tyler Pitts, Pitts Construction

"Mike is an artist that takes pride in his work. He has mounted over thirty mounts from wood ducks to elk for us. A true sportsman, he knows how animals behave, and he translates their actions beautifully into his work." – Tim & Andrew

"If you want the most life-like pose for your trophy, then Mike is your guy. There is no other choice!" – Lloyd Atkins, Rockport, TX

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