"Taxidermy is a passion, art and love of mine. I enjoy creating unique one of a kind trophies for you to have in your home or work place." – Mike Guillotte

Mike's Mount Taxidermy has mounted:

  • Deer – Grooming Bucks, Does, pedestal mounts, full body and shoulder mount Axis, full body and shoulder mount Fallow Deer, skull mounts, velvet shoulder mounts
  • Red Stag – shoulder mounts
  • Black Buck – should mounts
  • Alligators – half body and full body mounts in habitat scenery
  • Bobcats – laying down, catching birds, walking, stalking, sleeping, both open and closed mouth and many other positions
  • Coyotes – hanging from a tailgate, laying down, walking, sitting, howling, both open and closed mouth, and other poses
  • Squirrels – red, grey, fox, and black - climbing, sitting, being eaten by bobcats, eating acorns
  • Elk – bugling, shoulder mount
  • Ducks – 90% of North American species – flying, standing, preening, hanging dead, open and close mouth, cupped coming in
  • Geese – Canadian, Speckle Belly, Ross, Blue, Lesser Canadian, Snow, Cackler – flying, standing, hanging dead, open and close mouth, cupped coming in
  • Sheep – Mouflon, Corsican, Doll, Aoudad – shoulder mounts
  • Buffalo – American bison – shoulder mount
  • Bears – Black bears – shoulder mounts, full body mounts, rugs, both open and close mouth, skull mounts
  • Turkeys – Eastern, Rios, Goulds, Miriam, Osceola – full strut, standing, flying, hanging dead, gobbling, both on floor and wall mounts, half body mounts, beard, feet and tail mounts, bearded hens, fireplace cover turkey fan
  • Foxes – Grey, Red, Snow – walking, standing, jumping, looking
  • Hogs – both open and close mouth, pedestal
  • Raccoons – climbing, sleeping, walking
  • Otters – swimming, catching fish, standing, grooming
  • Snakes – crawling, striking, coiled, both open and closed mouth
  • Others – beavers, Common Shell Duck, Sand Hill Crane, Horn mounts, Deer feet Christmas ornaments, Hogs head bikers helmets

The State of Alabama and the Mobile Environmental Center have contracted Mike's Mount Taxidermy to mount protected birds such as the Red Tail, Kestrel, Broadwing, Sharpe Shiner Hawks, Osprey. He has also mounted other protected animals such as alligator snapping turtles.

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